July 07, 2005

The EU Army

The Eu Referendum blog has found documents on the coming Single European Army, as the EU continues its slow crawl towards the ultimate goal of becoming a nation state. It already has peace keeping forces and police training:
1. The EU force deployed in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the framework of the ALTHEA military operation.
2. During the first half of 2005, the EU Police Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUPM).
3. The EUPOL PROXIMA operation in the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia.
4. The EUJUST THEMIS mission in Georgia.
5. The EUPOL Kinshasa – the first civilian crisis management mission in Africa, officially launched on 12 April 2005.
6. The EU mission to provide advice and assistance for security sector reform in the DR Congo, known as EUSEC, contributing to integration of the army in the DRC.
7. The Integrated Rule of Law mission for Iraq, EUJUST LEX.
8. Support for the African Union mission in Sudan (AMIS).
9. An EU support office for the Palestinian Police (EU COPPS).
10. EU support for the Georgian authorities in the follow-up to the OSCE border monitoring mission, with an EUSR office in Tbilisi.
11. Support for the Crisis Management Initiative in relation to the peace process in Aceh.
12. Preparations for responding to the African Union request for a putative African Union mission in Somalia.

in the document
Much is then made of the European Defence Agency (EDA), which has started work on four flagship projects in its four areas of operation: C3 (command, control and communications) in the area of capabilities; combat armoured vehicles in the armaments area; the European defence equipment market, in liaison with the European Commission, for the area of industry and the market; and drones for the research and technology area.
The legislation authorising all of this was in the, now dead, constitution. But when has the EU let legality get in the way of integration? It will simply be done and presented when finished to a population that says "But we justed wanted a free trade area, but it's there now so might as well keep it." This is not a peace keeping force, it is for war fighting (I thought war was one of the things that teh EU was supposed to have put an end to)
Together with a forward action plan for the UK presidency, and much more, this whole report forms a template for a comprehensive "war fighting" capability. This is no mere peacekeeping force – the Euro-Army cometh.
But who are they to fight war against. Since the EU defines itself in a similar way to the French TV standard SECAM, System Essentially Contrary to the AMericans, that is a scary thought. However considering the current lack of sucess in exercising their 'soft power' I can see why the Eurocrats would want to get their hands on some real power.


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